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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 1

Fish Box #1

Breeder Kaneko

Tancho Kujaku and Goshiki (male) for sale.

In this pictures below the Kujaku we did not buy in the end. The fish for sale are the goshiki in the middle and the tancho kujaku directly below it. 

 In this picture it is the goshiki and the tancho Kujaku above it and to the right.

In this picture the tancho kujaku is the one with the tail in its face(!).

In this picture the tancho kujaku is the fish right at the top of the bowl and probably best reflects the quality of the fish, which is awesome.

The sex of the goshiki as mentioned is male. The tancho kujaku we suspect as being female.

I chose the goshiki to come home with us for a few reasons. Firstly I have had excellent success with "kohaku" that later "become" goshiki. Our water is hard and tends to bring out sumi too quickly if the goshiki already has sumi apparent. Secondly, for a male fish the body is good and thirdly the hi pattern on the fish is very good. When the sumi starts to appear I believe this fish will really be quite striking and I will double it's selling price (!) :-)

These fish cost us JPY20k each which translates into a selling price of R4000.00. They are between 33 and 38cm in size and are two year old fish.

This is a once off price for early birds. When the fish have cleared quarantine and go up for sale in our retail ponds the price will escalate to R5000.00.

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