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Monday, October 13, 2014

 Japan is not just about fish - this is a present for our agent. He's partial to chocolates and so far the bribe seems to be working more or less OK. Pricing has been reasonably good this far and the results fish wise have been excellent.

The gate to the shrine. I love these - there is an elegance to them that is uniquely Japanese. 

Our agent. Wouldn't be too far off  in a chair on the stoep in the Free State....

Fish have to eat as well. Typical Japanese - engineered to last forever. Built to take a typhoon - guess we'll be testing that soon enough...

Japanese whiskey. Delicious. Easily comparable to the best in the world. 

Japanese white wine. Awful. Terrible. Easily comparable to the worst in the world - the sweet white wines from the Rhine region in Germany which should just be banned as toxic drugs.

Tea. The endless cups of tea. Everywhere you go - if you are a tea fanatic, Japan is your Mecca. I swear sometimes that they drug the stuff - it is so super insanely popular people choose it over Coca Cola. I just never will understand it.

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