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Friday, November 28, 2014

Auction pictures!

We have been asked by more than one person for some better pics of the fish on auction. So here they are. Along with video clips!

Apologies we didn't have time to snap pics of everyone - but to give you an idea of the quality of the Kohakus for instance....

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Auction time

Our latest auction is under way on Bid or - 28 kick ass koi going.... Going... Going....

We also have 4 bonsai up for grabs! :-) 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Absolutely soaked

With sweat from inside the q/tine facility.... Nice... Be a koi dealer they said... No heavy lifting they said... Peaceful gentle outdoors lifestyle they said... Ha bloody ha!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 6

Fish Box #6

Breeder Yamazaki.

A mixed box of well priced attractive Koi. Yamazaki san had not yet netted out the majority of his ponds so these Koi were from the first mud pond. We were under time pressure and I wanted to go back to pick some more from his ponds but alas, we never got back. A pity.

I did not have a chance to sex the fish - the Karashigoi I am sure is female. All these Koi are well priced at R2900 and the ginrin shiro in particular is a very attractive Koi. In fact, they all are!

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 5

Fish Box #5

Breeder Hiroi.

Hiroi is never cheap and you can see why. These are two year old just out of the mud ponds and in this bowl we have a ginrin goshiki the quality of which is simply amazing. The tancho Sanke has an amazing body and the doitsu harawake is one of the most unbelievable I have seen. These are all sold - for fairly obvious reasons as to why and the last fish left is the ginrin kohaku which I chose as a companion for transport back with the harawake as with these size fish only two to a box fits the shipping bill.

The pics are not the greates - but this female kohaku has a body built like the proverbial and she's 50cm if she's an inch.The pattern is flawless, the skin superb and the hi is outstanding. Coupled to an excellent gin and sharp white it's a great deal and excellent value for money from Hiroi at R10k.

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 4

I even have a short video on this box...

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 4

Fish Box #4

Breeder Otsuka.

This is a mixed bowl of good quality smaller Koi. The two ginrin chagoi are quite pretty and the big normal chagoi is a good quality fish. I cannot tell sex on any of these fish I am afraid so it is pot luck.

The pricing is excellent at around JPY7k each which translates into a selling price on this special offer of R1600 each (the shipping I am afraid pushes the price per tail up a bit). And my memory is fading on me but I seem to recall that the one tancho is in fact a tancho kumonryo. Which should prove to be a highly entertaining specimen (and which has now just been sold, along with the large chagoi). The Benigoi is an awesome, clean fish that should get nice and big to boot.