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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 3

Fish Box #3

Breeder Otsuka

Some of these Shiro Utsuri are sold. You can see why - the quality of these Koi is very high indeed. All are female.

I chose these fish and oddly these were the best value for money Shiro Utsuri we came across on the whole trip. These were selected off the back of the truck as they arrived from the mud ponds and the reason I chose them was for the awesome sumi that was already darkening in the ponds and of course the superb white. They are fantastic Shiro Utsuri.

There are five in the bowl but we could only ship four. Pick the one you would have left behind and see from the next picture if you agree with my choice. It was not an easy one!

 To keep it all clear the fish with the black dot on the nose - Black Dot for it's name is Subject To Confirmation for a customer as it exceeds his prepaid budget by a factor of two.

The fish on the left is sold.  As is the one on the bottom right as it turns out. Which leaves the fish top right. And it's a cracker of a Shiro.

We paid JPY40k each for them and even that was a bit of a haggle and a good price for 'first pick'. This translates into a selling price of R7600.00. They are between 35 and 40cm in size and are two year old fish.

This is a once off price for early birds. When the fish have cleared quarantine and go up for sale in our retail ponds the price will escalate to R10 to R12k.

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