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Monday, October 13, 2014

Japan 2014

Wow. After an hour of convincing stupid Google, sorry, make that bloody stupid Google, that in fact just because I am in Japan that doesn't mean that all of a sudden I understand the language (it changed all the blog menus to Japanese!) I am finally back!

Some pics of Japan thus far...

First beer on the trip - just off the plane - 24 hours worth of plane... This beer sank down like a homesick mole...(!)

 First few fish from Kaneko - two tanchos sold the top one still available and the kohaku is actually a goshiki. I took a chance on this fish - let's see if I'm right?

Up and down the stairs at a shrine. 

The roof is copper. Looks stunning in the sunlight!

 The good luck tree - people write their wishes on a peice of paper and that gets ties to the tree.

A selection of simply kick ass nissai. Really good fish these. 

Typical Niigata view of the mud ponds - it's really pretty here!

Tancho Showa. Three year old Koi - we were offered it at JPY400k which sounds like a lot but for a fish like this it's good value. Sakai would probably get a few million at auction. The breeder subsequently sold it an hour after we left - I'm not surprised in the slightest. 

Tancho Sanke - expensive fish but the Showa in the bowl as Nissai was JPY250k! Stunning fish but we declined with thanks. 

Much better fish! JPY25k each and good value. 

Best shiro's I've seen in ages. JPY40k a pop - stunning. 

Mixed bowl of some smaller Koi - I wanted a good clean female chag  and I picked up a few others  - some Ki Utsuri in there which are uber rare and from one breeder only. 

Best ginrin goshiki I have seen in ages. All female - and we added the harawake which is lustre to die for. The ginrin kohaku is a cracker - I think that fish has serious jumbo potential. Tancho sanke speaks for itself. 

The find of the trip - doitsu from Shinoda - the quality of which I have not seen in ages. Stunning!

I had to take a second box of these. Might even try and go back and get another two but I didnt want to push my luck there too much.

More Ki Utsuri - this time straight out of the mud pond and into my open arms. We stole the best four fish - and within half an hour the sumi was already starting to thicken. Whoo hoo!

Hasegawa theft - only way I can describe it. Super quality fish with a Showa that I think will surprise in a few years. It's a great punt at JPY20k. 

 My old friend Yamazaki - still popping out flashy jewels. Snapped these suckers up as fast as I could - he had only harvested one small mud pond. Karashigoi he says will be a big fish. Errm, yes, of course it will!

Kase. I was hoping for doitsu ochiba. Denied! So I got my own back and stole, literally, these tancho showa. Buttered him up by picking some goshiki, establishing the price and then loaded up on these! It was late so I think he just gave in eventually to get rid of us. A very nice bowl of Koi - I'm super happy.

And so I added another bowl! Found two kumonryo lurking in the pond and over the years we've had super success with these fish from him. My customer with me on the trip cannot understand why I "bought those rubbishy fish" so I may have to sell him one so that he can see for himself! They're absolutely stunning - can't wait for the white to settle on the heads and that sumi start to pop up. The one fish already has an underlying pattern so it won't be long now before it pops out. And the small fish was a gift - free of charge. Again, I think, to get rid of us if I'm perfectly honest!

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