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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AASA Conf 2012

Is over for me now. Very interesting, all RAS. Told you so. But now actual money is starting to begin to flow so its looking very positive. Inspired now to get our system running as of yesterday!

Aquaculture Conference 2013

As you may or may not know we are involved in the aqua culture space for our sins. It is a fascinating look into the world of fish farming - the AASA conference held every two years is THE gathering of academics, government meddlers (!) and those who farm various things that live in water. I have seen presentations from everything from white stumpnose, sea urchins, marron, carp, tilapia, catfish and even algae through to trout, salmon, kabeljou and even aquaponics. It's tremendously exciting and being my 3rd or is it 4th such conference now one has to come away inspired by the interest in the industry which is becoming explosive. The good news success stories are still very few and far between with more tales of woe than of celebration and there are several common trends in each. Over promise and under delivery seems to be the most prominent with people drastically over capitalising and under researching. I'm sticking to my guns on this one. Fish farming is no different from other farming - it is a full time business and it requires the full time commitment to make it happen. 

Of particular interest to me has been the inclusion of aquaponics into conventional aquaculture. It is early days but using aquaponics as a treatment system as opposed to a commercial venture has gotten me thinking quite a bit about it and I think we will be doing some experiments on it in the near future. For now however I have yet to see anything to come close to our entry level learning systems in terms of price and fit for purpose model. I will blog more on this in the near future and you can see the development of the system for yourself. As always, if something is new to you there is no substitute for learning about how it works and what you need to know to make it work for you. It is this that we will shortly be in a position to offer you.