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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Girl trip thoughts

Perhaps the girls should travel with the boys. There is plenty to see and do in Tokyo for a few days whilst the boys do their Koi thing in Niigata. It will be an interesting contest to see who spends the most I think. 

The bullet trains continue to impress. Despite the annoying loud Yanks at the back of this train, we have three and a half hours from Himeji back to Tokyo. It's quick despite this not being the super express which does only the major stops.

For those of us with small children Japan represents a real challenge. Two days travel either way really eats into your trip time and the length of time needed to really see Japan is really tricky to manage. Over the years I have slowly reduced Koi buying time to what is needed as opposed to what we think we need, but even so I think I can improve somewhat. A minimum trip is going to be around ten days, a big ask for small children to put up with. Still, it can be done I think if the planning is done with military precision. This is something that can be achieved in Japan, thanks to the incredible precision the country runs with. 

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