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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 5

Fish Box #5

Breeder Hiroi.

Hiroi is never cheap and you can see why. These are two year old just out of the mud ponds and in this bowl we have a ginrin goshiki the quality of which is simply amazing. The tancho Sanke has an amazing body and the doitsu harawake is one of the most unbelievable I have seen. These are all sold - for fairly obvious reasons as to why and the last fish left is the ginrin kohaku which I chose as a companion for transport back with the harawake as with these size fish only two to a box fits the shipping bill.

The pics are not the greates - but this female kohaku has a body built like the proverbial and she's 50cm if she's an inch.The pattern is flawless, the skin superb and the hi is outstanding. Coupled to an excellent gin and sharp white it's a great deal and excellent value for money from Hiroi at R10k.

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