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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Japan Trip 2014 Special Offer # Box 4

Fish Box #4

Breeder Otsuka.

This is a mixed bowl of good quality smaller Koi. The two ginrin chagoi are quite pretty and the big normal chagoi is a good quality fish. I cannot tell sex on any of these fish I am afraid so it is pot luck.

The pricing is excellent at around JPY7k each which translates into a selling price on this special offer of R1600 each (the shipping I am afraid pushes the price per tail up a bit). And my memory is fading on me but I seem to recall that the one tancho is in fact a tancho kumonryo. Which should prove to be a highly entertaining specimen (and which has now just been sold, along with the large chagoi). The Benigoi is an awesome, clean fish that should get nice and big to boot.

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