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Thursday, November 04, 2004

koi pond construction building south africa builders professional

koi pond construction building south africa builders professional: "Let your pond builder do his job and build your pond. By this stage you should both have a clear idea of exactly what you are going to end up with. If you do not, STOP everything and start again. You will have heartache if your Koi pond construction does not go exactly according to plan.
You should also both be clear as to what monies should be paid for the pond construction and when. A professional will only take his final payment once the pond has been commissioned (filled with water).
Things to look out for from your contractor include time lines. If he says it'll take 2 weeks to complete the excavation, make sure that two weeks is what it takes. A professional Koi pond builder will also be a great site manager and he will be in and out with a minimum of fuss and effort.
As we advocate continually, building a Koi pond once and only once is the cheapest way of doing things. Give Rob an e-mail from here directly."

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