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Thursday, November 04, 2004

how to build a koi pond start with design keep it simple get good koi pond builder

how to build a koi pond start with design keep it simple get good koi pond builder: "Building a Koi pond is not easy. Always consult a professional - it WILL save you significant money!
After much consideration I have re written this page. I used to think you could do it yourself. You can't. At least, not properly. Get in a professional Koi pond builder - it's simpler, cheaper and faster. You can mail Rob, a chap we know and trust to give you a fair quote
There are several criteria that you need to consider when building a Koi pond. The actual building of the pond I strongly suggest you leave to a professional. It cannot be over emphasized enough that if a Koi pond goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong. Leaks are the worst possible thing to have to deal with, especially if they only appear after a week.
In a nutshell, what I would have wanted to hear when I started and which I think that you will benefit from is knowing the following simple facts.
There are only a few things that YOU as a Koi pond owner get to make important decisions about. These ALL relate to what YOU want from your pond - the size, shape, location etc. But listen to your pond builder and let him over ride a decision if he feels it is not in your best interest in terms of the construction. You MUST, MUST understand that his job is to try and give you what YOU want. You cannot expect him to see your mind's eye vision and you cannot blame him once the job is complete and the pond doesn't meet your expectations. That's your own fault. Believe me, I suffered with this on just my swimming pool!"

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