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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tunnels are hot things!

Phew - spent about half an hour in the tunnel this afternoon, catching a very nice Ochiba and a Beni Kumonryo for a customer. Within minutes my shirt was drenched and our customer had just about passed out! Still we got the job done and two very nice fish are on their way to a new home.

Humidity is about 100% inside and the temperature I estimate at between 55 and 60C. You cannot work in that environment for long - but the fish are doing well, in particular the tilapia that are growing at an alarming rate. We're almost trying to get them so slow down which is kind of precisely what we don't want!

Of interest has been the fry - jeepers- they shot from fry to fingerlings in almost days. They fed off algae in the small pond we cultivated for them and their fat little bellies are proof of the fact that all they need is good water and plenty of algae - and that we have in abundance at the moment.

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