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Monday, February 24, 2014


KHV raises it's ugly head again..

Sometimes I hate my job. From a pond of sick and dying Koi last week we sent a sample down to MDS for verification of KHV - we've seen enough of it to know it would be positive. 

And NO - these fish DID NOT COME FROM US!!! We do not have KHV. Someone else does, and a lot of it from what we're seeing.

Today the surviving fish in the pond are doing much better - but the test still came back positive. This makes for a difficult decision for the owner - does he euthanase the surviving carriers - who are all looking healthy and happy? Or does he do as many have done, and ignore the results and carry on regardless?

Our advice remains the same. The only way to eradicate this disease effectively at this point in time is to kill surviving carrier fish. 

That is our position - it doesn't make it any easier to implement and I freely admit that if it were my fish I'm not sure what I'd end up doing. Whatever the owner decides to do it's going to be hard. 

He has my sympathies. As do all who have had to deal with KHV and those of you brave enough to do the right thing and kill your surviving fish. 


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