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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Record-Journal: "Rat terrier owners from across the state get together throughout the year to share stories about their beloved little pups and let those pups get into a little mischief.
'You get a lot of good belly laughs watching the dogs do silly things,' said Claire Wong-Ostapowicz, the founder of the group. 'We have three Koi ponds and one of the dogs always goes in. The shock on the owner's face is hysterical. They just want to crawl under a rock.'
Wong-Ostapowicz, a 44-year-old Wallingford resident, started the group seven years ago with about five other people. She said the group is up to 30 people.
Rat terriers are descendents of Manchester terrier, Italian greyhound, beagle, fox terrier and toy fox terrier, Wong-Ostapowicz said."
Building Koi ponds for dogs?:

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