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Monday, December 06, 2004

architect architectural services house home KCS architects and koi ponds

architect architectural services house home KCS architects and koi ponds: "Having a Koi pond design done by an architect is great - if the architects in the architectural firm know what they're doing...

You need to know this if you are wanting a professional Koi pond design. I'll be upfront - it's not the cheapest way to go. But the ideas, input and final output that you will get from a professionally architect designed Koi pond are more than worth the relatively minor investment you'll be making in your dream Koi pond. Architects design and build for the next 20 years - over this life span a few thousand rand is money well spent on a Koi pond you can really, truly enjoy.

I have to confess to having some, OK, a lot of sympathy for architects. They are truly professional people in the best sense of the word, studying for 6 years at university and earning a degree that is complex, challenging and professional. The word 'architect' I think is abused to an enormous degree with interior architects, exterior architects, design architecture architecturalists and landscape architects popping out of the wood work all over the place. The same abuse doesn't exist for doctors, or lawyers for that matter but it is the architect that carries far, far more responsibility for his work other than perhaps, say, engineers... Everyone knows that architects are just really wannabe engineers (and being an engineer I wouldn't be biased in any way!)...

An professional architect is thus not someone that has done a six week part time course in interior decorating, or a 12 week course designing a garden. Architects design buildings and professional architects have to have a degree, and belong to the institute of architects, a body of professionals that monitor an architect's career - similar to the law society. Except no one ever gets chucked out of the law so"

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